Mint tea-benefits of drinking mint tea

Mint tea is an integral part of Moroccan tea culture. Moroccan mint tea is a refreshing hot beverage with green tea and fresh mint leaves.

It is a perfect drink to beat the heat of the sun.


As we know, Morocco is a dune field. A large part of Morocco is covered with a thick layer of Sand. So, the temperature goes very high in Morocco.

So, the mint is used to beat the temperature. Mint tea is not only used to cool down the body heat it also has other benefits.

In this post, we will discuss all the benefits of mint tea, Morrocan mint tea culture and the recipe of mint tea.

Moroccan mint tea culture

Tea came to Morocco in between the 12th to 18th century. It is not clear when it exactly came.

But It doesn’t matter because as soon they found the tea. Moroccans become a fan of it and quickly adapt it with their twist.

Mint tea is an integral part of Moroccan tea culture.

They love to drink tea; they don’t have any specific time. They drink it all day whenever they want. Sometimes Even with their meals.

In Moroccan culture, making and servings tea is the role of the elderly male of the house.

They prepare the tea and serve it to everyone. While serving, they pour the tea from standing height so, the fragrance of mint spreads throughout the room. And the whole room starts to smell like fresh mint.


In Moroccan tradition, tea is served in shorter thin glasses. They serve it three times in each tea session.

After serving every cup, they add more water, sugar and mint to the pot except the tea leaves.

What is Moroccan mint tea?

It is a green tea with a mint infusion and powerhouse of antioxidants. Because Moroccan mint tea contains mint and green tea, and both are good sources of antioxidants and vitamins, which are beneficial for our health.

Due to the huge benefits of mint tea, it has less side effects and it’s safe for everyone. Anyone can enjoy mint all day at any time without being worried about any side effects.

Potential benefits of Moroccan mint tea

  • Green tea and mint is the main ingredient of Moroccan mint tea. Both are full of antioxidants and vitamins. 
  • Mint contains antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and B- complex, calcium, phosphorous, and other antibacterial properties which are beneficial for our health.
  • Green tea contains minerals like manganese, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, vitamin-like C, E, B2, and folic acid. Catechins, GABA, and caffeine are also found in green tea.
  • Mint tea may help to relieve respiratory problems like runny nose and coughing. Because it contains menthol, it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent which shoots the respiratory system and cures respiratory-related problems.
  • Green tea and mint are rich in vitamins that may help to boost immunity and fight disease and inflammation in our body.
  • Mint is also known for curing digestive issues. The menthol present in mint helps to relax our intestine muscles. And give relief against pain and improve digestion.
  • Mint tea contains mint and green tea, and both are very helpful for controlling skin problems. Regular consumption of mint tea decreases the production of sebum in our skin and the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties prevent breakouts.
  • Mint tea can Balance hormones. Some studies show that mint helps to decrease Testosterone hormones and increases the Estrogen hormones in our body.

How to make Moroccan mint tea at home –

Making mint tea is easy. You can make it within 10 minutes, with some readily available ingredients.

Ingredients we need to make mint tea.

How to make mint tea

  1. Heat the water to the boiling point, then turn off the flame
  2. Add green tea (for 120ml water, we need 2.5grams of tea leaves according to the experts) and mint leaves(add mint according to your tastes. If you want the strong mint flavor add more mint; if you want less, then add less mint)
  3. Infuse it for about 3minutes ( don’t brew for a long time; it affects the flavors and makes the test bitter)
  4. After 3 minutes it is ready to serve.


Moroccan mint tea or maghrib tea is Famous for its unique taste, flavours and health benefits.

Nowadays mint tea is not only a Moroccan drink. It is widely famous, people are enjoying this drinking and taking advantage of Moroccan mint tea.


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