10 unbelievable benefits of black tea

black tea benefits

I love drinking tea, especially black tea because of its remarkable health benefits. What is your favorite tea? But the exciting part is that you e can enjoy the black tea in various ways and take advantage of it. 

Oh! Sorry I got t distracted from our main topic- the benefits of black tea 😃.So let’s talk about the benefits of black tea and learn more about it.

As we know, black and green tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant leaves. The only difference between black tea and green tea is the fermentation black tea is fermented tea, but green tea is not fermented. Fermentation is the main reason for the difference in taste and different advantages.

Benefits of black tea –

Aids asthma

It is scientifically proven that caffeine present in black tea help to relax our muscles and improve our lung functions.

Caffeine relaxes our muscles with the help of actin depolymerization. Actin is a multi-functional protein it helps in muscle contraction and cell movements. So, it may be possible that black tea can aid asthma to an extent.

Good for skin

We all know teas are full of antioxidants, and green tea contains the highest amount of antioxidants. These antioxidants are very good for our skin and prevent many skin problems.

The antioxidants present in tea prevent premature aging, acne, and wrinkle inflammation-like problems and give us clear skin.

Body odor

The polyphenols present in tea kill the odor-causing bacteria. Polyphenol is a plant-based compound with antibacterial activities that help prevent growing odor-causing bacteria and body odor.


Caffeine, yes, caffeine is the compound that helps to relieve headaches. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that helps to increase blood flow to the nerve, which cause pain and give relief from headache.


Black tea can also prevent inflammation. The phytochemicals found in tea have anti-inflammatory properties, which are suitable for preventing oxidative damage and inflammation in our body.

Improve focus

Black tea improves focus due to caffeine and L-theanine. The stimulant effect of caffeine stimulates our nervous system and signals our brain to release dopamine, and l theanine improves alpha waves in our brain, which induce calm feelings and increase our creativity.

Antioxidants of black tea 

Black tea has a host of antioxidants. The various polyphenols found in tea are part of the flavonoid group and include catechin, epicatechin, epigallocatechin, epicatechin gallate, epigallocatechin gallate, and quercetin glycosides which form during fermentation.

And these antioxidants help to improve our gut health, lower the risks of heart attack, control blood sugar levels and provide many other benefits.

Lower the risks of diabetes 

In a research of 2017 has shown that black tea can lower the risks of diabetes by reducing insulin resistance. It reduces insulin levels with the help of theaflavin and thearubigins which are naturally found in tea.

Theaflavin and thearubigins contain a very high amount of antioxidants and blood sugar-reducing properties.

Good for oral health

Black tea can give you healthy teeth and gums. Tea contains a compound called fluoride, which helps to control the growing bacteria in our mouth. 

Fluoride reduces the acid tolerance of bacteria, kills them in your mouth, and accelerates the build-up of healthy minerals, making our teeth stronger by preventing from decay.

Fluoride is also used in toothpaste and mouthwash.

Relieve stress

Caffeine and l theanine present in black tea gives the shooting effect to our brain and body.

Caffeine help to control the stress hormone, and l theanine can reduce the body’s cortisol levels naturally and relieve stress.

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